2017 Sponsor A Smile Spring Donation Drive

Spring us upon us and blooms can be seen far and wide. The outdoors is a great place to see all the new blossoming flowers and to spend quality time with family or reconnecting with old friends, however, there are many members of our community in assisted living centers and hospitals that are stuck indoors and whom feel isolated and forgotten.  Our organization's mission is to connect with these community members all-year long however we want to give you the opportunity to get involved this spring season with a tax deductible donation.


Garden Roses- $500

Excellent choice for businesses.  For your $500 donation, we will include a personalized message on a minimum of 40 petite arrangements and publicize your donation on our website and social media accounts.


Pink Peony - $250

Wanting to give a little more than one arrangement?  This is a great selection.  $250 will ensure that a minimum of 15 petite arrangements are delivered with a personalized message.  We will also publicize your donation on social media.


Columnar Perennials - $50

This is the perfect option for individuals or families wanting to get involved but unable to volunteer.  For $50, we will include a personalized message on an arrangement that will be delivered.

I want to sponsor a smile!