Repurposed Rose wants to make a positive impact on as many lives as we can while sustainably supporting the environment by reducing waste. How you ask?? By using volunteers to gather donated flowers and repurpose them into beautiful bouquets for those in need of a little extra love. These individuals are people in care homes and hospitals. The smile on peoples faces when they receive a random act of kindness in the form of flowers makes our heart skip a beat - every time! 


Just give us a call or shoot us an email with your donation details - easy peasy! After we have picked up the donated flowers, we then re-trim,  re-purpose and recycle them into stunning bouquets for patients of all ages in hospitals, nursing homes, and veteran care facilities. If there is someone in need of a little love, we will find them and bring them flowers.  If you have a specific facility or organization that you would like your flowers to go to, we are more than happy to try and coordinate the special request. If they will accept them, we will deliver them!


As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, donations made to Repurposed Rose are tax deductible - YAY! After your flowers/goods have been picked up and donated we will provide you with a tax-deductible letter that indicates the market value of your donation plus any additional financial donations if one was provided. 


Repurposed Rose operates 100% on donations so if you don't have flowers, vases or other goods to donate you can still Share the Love by supporting us with a financial donation HERE. We really appreciate your support because though we wish it wasn't the case, the bills can't be paid with flowers.


We are currently able to service the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley in California. If you are interested in donating flowers and are outside of this area please still feel free to contact us and we will happily attempt to put you in touch with one of our many fellow nonprofits in your area. If one does not exist, we will first encourage you to start one, and then we will help brainstorm other options for you. 


Unhappy with the fact that her wedding flowers were just going to be tossed in the trash at the end of the night, Corrie searched high and low to find an organization in the bay area to help her extend the life of her beautiful wedding flowers and came up empty handed. Luckily, she shared her desire to donate her flowers to a nursing home or hospital with her wedding coordinator, Lindsey, who loved the idea and kindly offered to take the flowers herself and donate them the next day to a nursing home on her own time. In the weeks following her wedding, Corrie had a constant feeling that she couldn't be the only person to have the same desire for their flowers. She decided to take action and turned to her new husband and college friend to begin a new adventure and mission to turn stems that were doomed for the trash into smiles for those in need. Cesar, being the supportive new husband was instantly on-board and Turner, known after Corrie's wedding as "The Executor", put the pen to paper and Repurposed Rose was born. 

From Left to Right: Turner Crane, Cesar Lafarga, and Corrie Lafarga  pHOTO BY:   mEGAN trANT pHOTOGRAPHY

From Left to Right: Turner Crane, Cesar Lafarga, and Corrie Lafarga