Recycling Stems into Smiles!

What do we do? Let us explain...


Repurposed Rose gathers donated flowers from weddings, corporate events, grocery stores and florists that would otherwise be thrown away and repurposes them into petite floral arrangements for others to enjoy. We use our passionate and dedicated volunteers to deliver the repurposed floral arrangements to individuals in nursing homes, children's hospitals and veteran care facilities.

We are a flower recycling, sustainable driven and smile providing nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by volunteers and we are committed to improving the mental and emotional health of our community members and our environment one flower stem at a time.

Flowers = Love


Nice Stems

How do we get them?


Wedding/Event Donation

We provide the opportunity for the Bride and Groom to extend the life of their flowers from their special day. After the guests have left and the evening has wound down, we come in to collect the left over flowers. We then repurpose them into smiles for those in need instead of letting the venue throw them away. 

Retailer Donation

Partnering with grocery stores provides an opportunity to reduce waste and utilize unsaleable flowers. Flowers that are unsold after a period of time are to be thrown out. We intercept and give them a second life. 

Florist Donations

Teaming up with local florists allows for these partners to know that any overage they have will be put to a good cause and bring a smile to many faces in need.